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Enjoying playing more electric guitar lately. It's a very intimidating thing to do in Nashville though, because no matter where I play there are probably several people in the audience who can play circles around me. There will always be thousands of better guitar players in Nashville. My only hope is to avoid learning "licks" and to try and work out interesting, melodic parts. And remember the lyrics too.

Read in Sound on Sound magazine that Gotye's hit "Somebody that I Used to Know" was built from 60 tracks. Recorded mostly in Ableton Live and ProTools. Also, it was completely mixed in the box - meaning no outboard mixer was used. It's a cool, vibey track. I'm still trying to figure out what some of they lyrics are, but one line that I'm sure everyone remembers is when the girl sings "all the times you screwed me over." That's the magic line. I'm not sure the song's a hit without it. 

I am quite certain they hired the same design company that came up with the packaging for Bratz Dolls to do the Olympic graphics. That neon pink/purple color makes it hard to take events seriously.... that's all I'm saying. 

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